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Trusted HVAC Professionals for Over 38 Years

Our clients know when they call on Tri-Force Heating, Cooling & Air Quality, they are getting licensed and insured technicians with plenty of experience. For more than three decades, our crew has helped residents and business owners get the cool and warm air they need to stay safe and comfortable. We assist when your hot water runs out as well. Our technicians undergo extensive background checks and are highly skilled with years of experience and not right out of technical school. Tri-Force delivers efficient and effective services to ensure your safety and comfortability in Naperville, IL and the surrounding areas.

HVAC Maintenance

Focused on High-Quality HVAC Services and More

We do not pay our techs on commission. For that reason, our techs are free to do what they do best and that’s fix and maintain your equipment. Equipped with industry-leading tools and access to the best HVAC appliances, Tri-Force Heating, Cooling & Air Quality technicians provide customers with high-quality services every time. There is no better team in Naperville and the surrounding areas to call when your cool air turns warm or your showers won’t get hot. You can count on us to quickly discover the root cause of the problem and then develop a repair or replacement plan of action. Our team can provide any of the following HVAC services and more:

24 Hour Services, 365 Days a Year

No matter when your HVAC equipment goes out, The Tri-Force team can be there. Having your air conditioner go out in the middle of the blazing hot summer can be detrimental to your health. The same goes for the freezing winters with heavy snow. We aim to protect our community members while ensuring they stay comfortable. You can call us any time, day or night, for emergency repairs or replacements.

Regular Maintenance Keeps Your HVAC Running Smoothly

In order to help keep your HVAC and hot water appliances running smoothly over the years, you need maintenance services. Tri-Force provides regularly scheduled visits throughout the year to check on your heater, air conditioner, or water heater. We give them a full inspection and provide minor repairs before they become major issues and premature replacements. You can also count on us, to be honest with our services. We do not work on commission, so there is no reason for pushy sales or replacement when unnecessary.

Trustworthy HVAC Services for Over 30 Years