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Air Purifiers

An air purification system improves indoor air quality, filtering up to 98% of airborne particles and contaminants from your home’s air supply. Without an indoor air cleaner, pollen, mold spores, bacteria, and more may get recirculated through your home’s air, causing allergic reactions, odors, and other unpleasant consequences.

A whole-home air purifier, integrated into your HVAC or cooling system, keeps your air supply fresher and healthier. It may even cut down on dust, keeping your home cleaner.

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Proper humidification is especially important in winter when heating removes moisture from the air. Water vapor is an important medium for heat distribution. When conditions are too dry, we feel colder and tend to raise the thermostat, using more energy and wasting money. Your skin can become itchy and cracked, and your sinuses irritated.

Proper humidification reduces annoying static electricity and lessens the risk of fire. Your wood, paper, and textile possessions benefit from proper humidity, increasing their life by stabilizing their moisture content.


In the summertime, the best solution to excess humidity in your home is a central air conditioning system. Air conditioning inherently removes moisture from the air. However, sometimes an air conditioner needs help doing its job. For homes with exceptional humidity problems, or without central air conditioning, or if you experience a buildup of humidity during the summer, you should consider a whole-home dehumidifier.

UV Lighting

UV lighting systems take protection to the next level by killing mold and mildew in your indoor cooling coil. They do not get the chance to build and cause havoc on the family’s respiratory system. The intense UV light destroys bacteria and prevents any of these contaminants from becoming airborne in your HVAC system. They also prevent issues and damage from occurring inside your HVAC system and protects them from performing even longer. You will not need to worry about premature repairs or replacements and can keep your system in tip-top shape by destroying these irritants.

Heat Recovery Ventilation

If you wish to bring fresh air directly from the outdoors, a heat recovery ventilation system is just what you need. These devices reduce the amount of humidity and prevent outdoor air contaminants from getting into your home. You can also save money each month. Simply opening doors or windows can actually cause you to lose energy in the house and cost you more on your bills. With these devices, you can have the best of both worlds. They are the perfect choice for Naperville, TN homes looking to get fresh air without the hassle.

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