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“Tri-Force” now offers financing for projects thru Greensky.

Home Improvement project warriors can now enjoy GreenSky’s attractive financing for use with any home improvement retailer or contractor! With the GreenSky Loan Program, we understand that any home improvement project comes with its own unique set of challenges. That said, how to finance and budget that project is invariably the primary challenge. A GreenSky® Program Loan provides you with the purchasing flexibility you need over a 6-month period, coupled with the simple and easy to understand structure of an installment loan.

What to Expect from Your Loan

Your Card has a 6-month purchase window that begins on your approval date. During that 6-month period, use your GreenSky® Home Improvement Payment Card to make purchases with home improvement retailers and contractors nationwide. During your 6-month purchase window: Spend with any home improvement merchant or retailer nationwide. Spend only what you need to complete your project. When the 6-month purchase window expires, you will no longer be able to make purchases and your account balance will convert to fixed monthly installment payments for the remaining life of your loan.

Contact us today to learn about our current financing options we can offer you through GreenSky.

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